Freatures in Kahlown and Kahlown SCVR

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Screen video

Record full screen

Kahlown captures screen images and saves them into a video file either AVI or WMV. Kahlown records a smooth video of computer screen. Kahlown facilitates user to compress the video file using multiple codecs.
Supports hot key of your choice to record video. Default hot key is Control+Alt+F8.
Record whole screen of the computer. it will record full screen of the computer and creates video.
Kahlown can record screen with or without the mouse pointer and also adds a circle around the pointer for convenience of the user.

Record working area

Record part of the screen

Record working area of the screen. This function will capture everything from the screen except Taskbar saves these screenshots to video file. This would only capture the selected area of the screen. User would have to select the part of the screen which he/she wants to make video of.

Capture full screen

Capture working area

Capture full screen with just one click of the mouse. it will capture whole screen of the computer but screen. Kahlown can capture images with or without mouse pointer. Capture working area of the screen. This function will capture everything from the screen except Taskbar.

Capture part of the screen

Capture a window

Using this feature user would only capture the selected area of the screen. Cursor will change into a cross to let you select a part of the screen. Using this feature user can capture a screenshot of the active window. Select window as capture type and click "Capture Screen", after that click on the window that you want to capture.

Capture complete web page from Internet Explorer

Password protected access to software

Using this capture type you can capture a complete web page even if it goes out of the computer screen.
Please be advised that this features is only compatible with following versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
Kahlown provides password protection. Only the administrator (who has password) can access the software, screenshots and the video files.

Stealth mode

Add Annotations

Kahlown runs invisibly in the background and users absolutely have no idea that screen is being recorded. Users can not see Kahlown in task bar nor in the task manager. It is completely hidden (invisible). User can set the frequency of screenshot between 1 and 60 per minute. Only the administrator who knows that Kahlown is installed will know that screen is being recorded.
Set hot key of your choice to make it visible or invisible. Default hot key is Control+Alt+F10.
Kahlown provides two options to spy on computer screen in stealth mode.
  • Record screen video
  • Capture screenshots
Add annotations to the screenshots captured and videos recorded by Kahlown. You can add annotation using following layouts.
  • Upper right corner
  • Upper left corner
  • Lower right corner
  • Lower left corner
  • Center of screen

No adware or spywhere

User friendly interface

Kahlown is not an adware or spyware software. It does not contain any threat to your computer. Kahlown doesn't send any kind of information out to anybody. It doesn't steal any information from the computer. It just helps parents to see what their kids do online. Kahlown has a very user friendly interface which lets the user interact with the software easily.

Codecs to compress the video file

Video quality and color depth

User can record video with or without any codec. Just select one of follwoing options to record a compresds or uncompressed video in AVI format.
  • No Codec/Un Compressed
  • Microsoft Video 1
  • Windows Media Video 9 (VCM) codec.
  • Xvid Codec

Record Auido from the Audio device including line in and line out.
This option massively reduces video size as compared to AVI file.
Video quality can be set between 0 and 100 where 0 means extremely low and 100 means highest quality of the video.
Multiple options are available to choose the color depth of the captured image. Following is the list of available options.
  • 32 Bit Color
  • 24 Bit Color
  • 16 Bit Color

Operating System Compatibility

Free trial

Kahlown is compatible with following version of Microsoft Windows.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows NT
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008

Download Kahlown and switch it to trial version and experience it before you buy the licensed version. Trial version has following limitations.
  • You can capture one screenshot of each capture type per application session.
  • You can only record video of 10 seconds.

Auto run at widows start up

Capture screenshot of URL

This screen spy software automatically starts on windows start up invisibly and starts screen capturing and recording a video of these screenshots. Best option for parents to monitor their children while they are using computer. Using this option user can save complete web page from the URL into an image.

It may not capture image if the URL contains an ActiveX control.