Kahlown screen spy monitor help

How to make Kahlown visible/invisible?

Since Kahlown runs silently in the background to spy on the computer screen so please use Control+Alt+F10 hotkey to make it visible or invisible. It is a toggle key.

How to activate kahlown using Email?

When you run your Kahlown for the first time it will ask you to activate the product. Please use the email address that you used to register with www.lesoftrejion.com to activate it.

Activate Kahlown using Email.

Error occured during activation?

If you are getting an error during activation, Please check following things.
  • Make sure you are connected to internet.
  • Make sure Kahlown is not being blocked by Firewall.
  • Make sure Kahlown is not treated or blocked by Anti Virus program.
Kahlown connects to our licensing server to validate the license against email address that you used to buy Kahlown.

Operating system compatibility?

Kahlown is made for Microsoft Windows only and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 through 2012, and Windows 10.

What is my old password when I run software first time?

If you run the software first time, Leave the old password field blank and enter your new password and save. Old password is empty by default.

How to play the videos?

There are two ways to play a video in Kahlown. Kahlown would automatically play the video in default media player.
  • Select the video from video list that you want to play and click Play button.
  • Double click on the video in video list and Kahlown would play it.

How to play encrypted video?

It is the same procedure to play the video which is described above but in case of a encrypted video, Kahlown would decrypt the file and play it. Decryption could take little longer if the file size is really big. Kahlown would display decryption progress as follows.

Decryption In Progress

When does Kahlown encrypt video in stealth mode?

Kahlown starts encryption as soon as file reaches it maximum allowed size by AVI which is 2 GB. You won't see progress if Kahlown is in stealth mode. If you press stealth mode hot key and enter correct password and video size is big enough that it could take some time to encrypt the video, then you would see encryption progress as follows.

Encryption In Progress

How long would Kahlown take to encrypt the video file?

Kahlown uses system resources in an optimized way and it really depends on available resources on the system. It would be really fast and you may not even notice if the video size is smaller but it could take up to several minutes if the video size is in gigabytes.

Is it possible that Kahlown could not encrypt the video file?

Yes, it is possible that Kahlown could not encrypt the file if user shuts down the computer and there's not enough time to encrypt the video file. Kahlown would finalize the video file without encryption so that video file does not get corrupted.

How to delete a video file?

Select the file that you want to delete in the video list, Press delete to delete the file.

What are the available payment methods to buy Kahlown?

You can use PayPal, or any of the other major credit cards. If you proceed to checkout, It will take you to the PayPal's website. There you can choose any method of payment. Please be advised that we do not store any kind of information related to payment in our system.

How to configure Kahlown to run at widows startup?

Please check the Run at startup checkbox. If it is checked Kahlown will start when windows is started and will keep spying on screen silently or secretly.

Media Player or Codec Requirements?

You must have Windows Media Player 11 or later version installed on your computer. This is required for the playback of the video files created by Kahlown and also for the quality of the video. Kahlown uses the default codec installed with Window Media Player to compress the video file.

What happens when all the free space is used during recording?

It automatically cleans up the space, When there is no free space. It leaves at least 500 MB free space for other processes or operating system, So when it has reached it's maximum, It deletes the oldest video file that it created and then creates the new one. So 500MB should always be free on your system drive.

How to access video files in file system?

Video files directory path is listed at the bottom of the screen. Copy and paste that address to the windows explorer to access the video files.

Can kahlown screen spy monitor record audio?

No Kahlown screen spy monitor does not reocrd audio for privacy issues. To protect user's privacy we do not allow audio recording.

Kahlown screen recorder records black screen or when I play video it is all black screen.

Black screen displays when you are missing a codec or your media player doesn't support a codec.
Please visit Support page to download and install a codec that you need.
Other solution would be to record video without using any codec. In this case video size could be really big.

How to set hot key for stealth mode?

Please select any value from the drop downlist of hot key in the stealth mode section to configure new hot key combination.
Default hot key is Control+Alt+F10. Please see the following image..

Hot key drop down list in Stealth Mode (screen spy software)

How to change output folder.

Please click on "..." button in Directory box to select a different output folder for your videos and screenshots.

How to restore default configuration.

You can always go back to original configuration by clicking on "Restore default configuration" menu under File menu.

How to hide Xvid status screen?

Xvid status screen pops up when you record video using Xvid codec. Please follow these steps to hide Xvid status screen.
  • Find Xvid in program file in start menu.
  • Click on Configure Encoder within Xvid
  • On Xvid configuration screen click on "Other Options"
  • Uncheck Display encoding status.

Hide Xvid encoding status

Still have questions about Kahlown?

Please visit Contact Us page and leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.