What is new in Kahlown?

Version 5.6
We have removed all the time based limitations from the limited version but you will still see the activate license window every time Kahlown restarts.

You can purchase the license to remove the activate license window that shows up on application restart.

Activate Window

Version 5.5
Google Drive integration, Capture screenshots and upload to Google Drive and view those screenshots using any of the following options.
  • Google Drive web portal
  • Google Drive dsktop app
  • Google Drive Mobile app for iOS and Android devices

Version 5.4
  • Design of the application and fixed some bugs.
  • Kahlown communicates to licensing server on HTTPS using SSL to make sure communication is secure.

Version 5.3
We have upgraded Kahlown to work on winodw 8 or higher but unfortunately at this moment only Xvid codec is compatible with this version.

Version 5.2
Version 5.2 includes a fix for a bug which was recently reported by one of our customers.
Kahlown screen spy monitor keeps presenting following error message even if user has already activated using new license.

Your licenses has expired, Please renew your license!

Version 5.1
This is a minor update for Kahlown screen spy monitor.
  • We fixed couple of bugs that were reported by users.
  • Updated Kahlown logo in about box and icon for the Kahlown desktop link.

Version 5.0
We have split Kahlown into following two separate software applications.

Kahlown screen spy monitor
Kahlown SCVR - screen capture video recorder. This product has been discontinued.